Investment Consultıng

It doesn’t matter what are your risk preferences , with Ankara Global you’re not alone in investment market. You’re invited to meet our investment consultancy service which is a result of our great experience in business.

We provide services such as determining your preference of risk and profit, preparing asset distribution and recommendations suitable for your risk profile, sharing a wide range of reporting, opinions and recommendations regarding the markets, creating model investment portfolios and following these portfolios closely, ensuring instant updates according to changing market conditions.

Investment analytıc

We are preparing investment analysis and feasibility reports on real estate investment, in light of economic conditions before investment, supply-demand research, price analysis and inspection of competitive conditions.

These reports not only includes numeric data such as rate of return and financial gain of the project but also includes information about the approaches and projects and concepts that maximizes the profit. In this context, we provide analysis and assessment of the region and location, investment analysis and strategies and analysis of the market.

Busıness Advısory

Whether you are looking for an immediate solution to a business challenge or need assistance with long-term business plans, the business advisers at Ankara Global can help you make smart business and financial decisions. From business planning and internal controls to litigation support and succession planning, we take a comprehensive, integrated approach to help you reach your goals.We have the vision and experience to help plan your company’s strategic direction and take it to the next level.

We begin by asking the right questions to assess your needs, spot market trends and develop a sound business strategy to help you grow in your particular markets and take you to the next level of success.

Global solutıons

Ankara Global organizes these services with its expert consultant staff. It is an institution that provides personal and corporate training services. We provide consulting, logistics, foreign trade, export & import services in line with our principles and the legislative and regulatory requirements.

Ankara Global offers a consultancy and training program that is specific to the firm by considering factors such as the working environment, working hours, industry, and the educational status of the employees, which is beyond the standard work programs.You can find our scope and all contact addresses with details in our page. You can get information about our field of activity from our company officials.