Ankara Global provides foreign trade, global solutions and consultancy services. We aim to provide high-quality and trustworthy consultancy services to the key actors who seek to achieve change. We aim to bring together best international practices, solid analysis of the local capacities and an innovative plan and solutions on the way ahead.


We are targeting to be the leader in providing consulting services to investors and investment management companies. Regardless of the size of the investment fund, our consulting services can help you to zero risk and capitalize on profitable opportunities by providing;

Knowledge, Research, Appraisals, Analysis, And most importantly an Insight into a wide range of operational and regulatory issues hitting industries today.


Our people make us different. Our unique approach deliver enduring results true to each client’s specific situation. We care for our client’s investment as our investment. We think and act like business partners to our clients not only advisors. We make sure that they know we are in this business together.


Our job and mission is to help investors to create such high levels of economic value in purchasing, managing and existing from the investment.What we do can’t be financially measured or modeled as it’s a profound business of ours framed in professional and corporate understanding which makes our team unique in the competition.


We provide the essential service that’s at the heart of daily life in economy, politics, social and cultural life of UK.

We aim to offer our service in the most sustainable way possible. For us that means we think about what’s right for our customers and us; how to make our business as efficient as possible; and how we can best protect the trust and relationship.